Intro to Conversations With Trees

Oregon Trip 022


For the month of October I will be trying an experiment in ecopsychology, self-education, and wisdom gathering.

I am participating in a month-long challenge to write a daily blog with BlogHer NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  The theme for October is all things “Fall.”

Naturally Fall is my favorite season and heightens awareness of my favorite natural attraction – trees.  Here’s how it will go.

Each day I will post a brief conversation with a different tree from my surroundings.  In addition to “listening” to an individual tree’s wisdom, I will research and post a few facts about the biology and name of that tree.

This will highlight two aspects of eco-psychology and show how reconnecting to ecology benefits our spirit/psyche.

1)  Everything in nature has words and a story we have assigned it.

2)  Everything in nature communicates nonverbally and beyond our story.  Can we tune in to what it says?  I intend to try.

I hope to share how simple and powerful a 15-minute a day practice of reconnecting to an attraction in nature can be.  Hopefully this will encourage anyone to choose anything you find attractive in nature as a 15-minute focus each day and see how it transforms your life.  Just think of the difference a pet or special outdoor “thinking spot” makes in your life (even if viewed from the inside of a window), and you already understand.

Trees, I’m all ears.


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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