Conversations With Trees #1


(Top Photo Credit:  Natural

Today’s Tree:  Spindle Tree, Euonymus europaeus

Today is a gray, drippy day which finds me as usual at my desk transcribing spoken word to earn a living.

Each time I peer atop my computer screen, I see a flash of brilliant pink leaves bending in wind.  These beauties belong to a Spindle Tree originally from Europe now in the yard of the home I rent.  The tree got its name because its wood is apparently very hard and was used to make wool spindles.  (Shhhh.  Don’t let the sheep in my neighborhood know).

Brilliant pink flower sacs appear each October after the leaves turn pink, then open to reveal their bright orange seeds.

I thank this tree for its colorful waving outside my window where it waits patiently soaking in the rain and for its attractive connection to my day.

Maple 009

Maple 008

(photos taken day after gray, drippy day – the sun returns!)


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2 Responses to Conversations With Trees #1

  1. holley4734 says:

    Great entry!

  2. diannwdennis says:

    Love your tree conversations! I see Strawberry Bush, Brook Euonymous here in Arkansas. Same pink and orange…I love it and it’s obviously kin to your tree #1! This is a learning task for me also!

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