Conversations with Trees #3

Maple 002

Today’s tree:  Maple

Of 12 common species, I believe the Red Maple is the one in my yard

Acer rubrum

Any day the sun shines, I try to spend some time soaking in this tree’s inspiration.

Maple 005

Lying on the grass looking up it’s hand through its dancing green summer and its fire-stemmed fall, I feel weightless and lifted as if all the cares of this crazy human world are released in one gust of wind.

Maple 006

How old is this tree?  Was it planted by the home’s builder in 1927?  Regardless, it and its companion on the opposite side of the house guard the sky, provide shade in summer, flame red makeup in fall and carpet the earth with winged samaras.

This summer I met an 82-year-old environmental activist who told me she was waiting at a bus stop in Portland when she decided to split a fresh maple seed and place it’s wing on her nose.  Initially everyone stepped a few feet away from her, but by the time the bus arrived, all were nose adorned in this game of childhood.  Wish I’d seen the look on the bus driver’s face!

Maple 004

How’s this for a perfect model of biomimicry?  Military applications for the Samarai Monocopter.  Some day, seed-sized drones might be hovering in an area near you.

Maple 003
Thanks to all the maples in my life for your glorious Fall paint! 


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1 Response to Conversations with Trees #3

  1. diannwdennis says:

    I love this conversation with Maple!!

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