Conversations With Trees #11

Today’s tree:  Western Juniper, Juniperus occidentalis

Cedar 007

I love this high-personality tree reminiscent of a Dr. Seuss sculpture growing against a carport.  It has to be at least 50 feet tall.  The Common Juniper grows more horizontally and its similar cone berries are used to flavor gin.

Cedar 004Its blue cones and vertical height fit the bill.  How cute are the cones?  So many lifestyles of conifers!

Cedar 005

Other than the carport, I wonder what sort of pressures could have caused its branches to form the way they have.  As a youngster, did it begin growing horizontally until it discovered it needed to “grow toward the light?”

Cedar 008Apparently the Western Juniper can live over 1000 years and some in California have been found to be 3000 to 6000 years old!!  If this is indeed a Western Juniper, it will certainly outlive me, my grandchildren, their grandchildren, their grandchildren, and the carport while maintaining its branches’ dancing embrace for a good long time.

Cedar 011


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