Conversations with Trees #17

Today’s Trees:  Pines (species Pinus)

With fewer light hours following work to take photos combined with 3 days of fog and a crazy-and-a-half day, the best I could manage is a few pics of a small pine in the woods.

Monday 016

I am not ashamed to admit I cannot determine what type of pine this is based on my half-baked photos, but at least I can post a bit about the types of pines found commonly in Northwestern Washington.

Monday 017


1)  The lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) can be identified by having 2 needles per bundle and hard cones with a prickle at the end of each scale.

2)  The western white pine (Pinus monticola) have needles that occur 5 per bundle and narrow, woody cones.  This is probably the most likely candidate for my pics.

3)  Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) I have seen on my island occasionally, but most in the Pacific NW live up in the mountain ranges.  Their needles grow 3 per bundle.  The ponderosa was my favorite tree in New Mexico, and I will never forget the butterscotch perfume of its trunk.

Now for a few fungi pics from today.  They are blatantly abundant in such diversity this year I cannot walk more than a few feet at a time without being confronted with fascinating forms and musky odor of maturing mushrooms.

Pancakes anyone? 

Monday 013

One tasty log!
Monday 011

This pretty little ringed wood chip of a shroom is not attached to a visibly rotting log, so perhaps a dying underground root?
Monday 009



I suppose if you need a bra in the wild. . .
Monday 008


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