Conversations With Trees #19

Oak 003

Today’s tree:  Red Oak, Quercus rubra

Someone can tell me if I am wrong, but I believe this oak in my neighborhood is a red oak, even though they are not native to Washington State.  The reason I deduce this is the leaves are reddish rather than yellow and have pointed teeth rather than the rounded tips of the only native oak to Washington, the Quercus garryana or the white or Garry oak.      

Oak 002

Apparently the native white oak stands in Washington State exclusively host several species of insects and birds, such as this adorable Nashville warbler, and when the oaks die, their trunks are essential to habitat.  They are therefore protected trees and they do live on the islands in Washington.  (I simply do not have time to go find them today).

Oak 004

In the land of evergreens, it is refreshing to see these brilliant red leaves so typical of fall on the other coast of the US.

Oak 007

An oak leaf hanging on a prayer wheel.

Oak 008


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