Conversations With Trees #22

Today’s Tree:  Royal Purple Smoke Tree,

Cotinus coggygria (tongue twister)

DSCN2021 I see this tree/shrub planted frequently around my area, possibly because it is deer resistant? Maybe I should give up on the veggie garden and plant only these, as I have witnessed deer in my town jump 8-feet fences.  Apparently the American Smoke Tree likes dry soil and is drought-resistant, something not necessary for the place I live which is commonly shrouded in fog and rain.  The Royal Purple variety seems more flexible and carries stunning color.

These photos are from a landscaped bed, so this is not a mature tree to show the full effect, but when it blooms, it produces the appearance of smoke (from a distance).  If it is pruned back, apparently it can grow large but will produce little “smoke” the following year since blooms only appear on 3-year-old stems.

DSCN2022Sure is gorgeous on a sunny day!  Now off to a middle school jazz band concert. Don’t you know?  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. . .



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