What is Ecopsychology?

Cougs 056


Joining how we think with the world that made us.

It is knowing my morning shower is the raindrops hitting my window flowing to the salmon’s matrix.

It is tasting more than roasted beans in my morning coffee, as no matter how fairly traded my muscles will never be as strong as the hand that picked those beans.

It is praising those protecting the lineage of seeds, capsules of millions of years of nutrients before sacrilege.

It is understanding the universe expands at just the right speed to sustain all without implosion or explosion.

It is grief that the only civilization I was taught to see involves progress defined by mass exterminations of trees and people that knew what worked.

It is awareness every economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of our environment, not the other way around.*

It is solution templates to every engineering issue right in front of our noses, if we only look.

It is a childhood pet being the only family member who really understood your dreams, without needing a word.

It is observing fish in aquariums, asking where does this ecosystem end and I begin?

It is gasping as a lizard you catch drops its tail because giving up a body part is better than life in a cage.

It is renewing faith that each breath, each respiration is a gift from a force that expires and inspires in unison.

It is reclaiming a self as a person who gets good feelings from:

Allowing my senses to connect to the natural world,

Knowing I am a conscious being learning from direct interaction with Earth, and my matter is Earth’s matter forever and can never separate,

Quieting internal chatter and experiencing conscious connection to all that surrounds me,

Being healed and energized from time in forest community,

Moving in nature,

Observing the natural world and learning about my own psyche from it, 

Allowing earth’s energy to heal me,  

Journeying inner and outer nature and recognizing no barrier between outer and inner,

Finding old and new brain sensory connections,

Being bathed in light and movement of nature,

Watching nature’s dance.

It is writing these words under a maple tree with earth worms, sparrows, trembling leaves and insect freeways extending particles all the way up to a thin blue line.

* “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around.”
~ Gaylord Nelson (Earth Day’s founder, Governor of Wisconsin 1959-1963)


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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