Notes on Solitude

Solitude is the most extraordinary means to enter into intimacy with ourselves. And, paradoxically, solitude is also the best way to learn to communicate. Only knowing me, knowing my inner self, can I speak to the interiority of others.
~ Susanna Tamaro

If I could ask a spiritual elder/leader one question, it would be, “How is it possible to be in relationship and not be in a cage?”

I have always enjoyed solitude.  To enjoy solitude, one must have achieved a healthy relationship with oneself.  Is this a mature state? Or is this infantile?

For me, all the hours I work my day job take me away from the ability to complete a mental sentence or activity and help me crave solitude so that I can complete anything, think anything without interference.  The same happens to me in relationships.

Community and connection are essential for human health, are they not?  This is what I read and hear time and again.  Maybe one day I will learn how to be in connection and solitude in such a way that they both flourish.

Solitude lets me feel peace, notice sun on my skin, listen to wind, breathe deep, walk and walk and walk at my own pace on my own path, and show up with something to offer the world.

Oregon Trip 008


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