Now For Something Completely Boring

A toss-and-turn full moon night’s sleep with a powerful dream instructing me to study Tibetan plant medicine (great! but how?).

I awoke to expected news related to my job and thoughts about a grad school program I was accepted to in Clinical Informatics but declined when I received a 2-year loan for $100,000 in 2010.  Even with tripled salary, that loan would not be paid before I kick the bucket.

Mandatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) has resulted in a staged process of hospitals transitioning to electronic systems stored off site. What most of my medical transcriptionist colleagues have seen coming, aside from massive job layoffs and change to voice capture editing, is what the following article outlines.  Poor satisfaction with the current EHR systems.

Docs Blame EHRs for Lost Productivity

Facilities have until 2016 to be measuring “improved outcomes,” but that is a lot of potential dissatisfaction over the next 3 years, not to mention chaos.  What is Meaningful Use?

Bottom line for my job is I have seen the most effective combination being retained transcriptionists who import dictation (taking the editing burden off doctors) directly into EHR systems.  I have learned of some facilities even rehiring their laid off transcriptionists/editors.

Job Changes for Transcriptionists

The job I have been doing for 20 years has been talked about in doomsday terms ever since I started, but I have never lost work (have been laid off but quickly found new jobs) as long as I continued to learn new skills and jumped onto the voice recognition editing bandwagon.

At this point, I have no interest in pursuing a costly higher degree that places me in between meeting rooms and computer server rooms, but I do hope my skills in online research and scientific terminology can bleed over to a study of medicinal plants in gorgeous outdoor locations.  : )  A person can dream.


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Now For Something Completely Boring

  1. jenniverek says:

    Sounds like a great dream, and one worth pursuing!

  2. Erin W says:

    Thanks Jennivere : ) – I think so too, except that it would take a miracle to come up with enough funds to travel and study medicinal plants for a paycheck to paycheck gal like me with no biology/botany degree to be taken seriously for a grant proposal.

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