Future List: 10 Cool Things I Want To Do

What follows a reverse bucket list posted yesterday?  A future bucket list!  Skipping merrily over the present bucket list, which is happening so fast I can’t write about it, except to paraphrase Thich Nhat Hanh who says ‘we have every condition we need for joy in the present moment.’

#1  Attend a Buddhist retreat for longer than a day because: a) I want to see if I can handle sitting longer than I already do, b) I want to understand how to transmute suffering to benefit self and others, c) I want to pause the daily sound and frenetic energy I am bombarded with in daily life, d) attempt to get past my lifelong body-mind disconnect (love mind and spirit, struggle with the body).

#2  Learn as much as I can about medicinal/edible plants and fungi from wise people and nature.

#3  Hike at least 10 Cascade Mountain trails or climb a mountain.  Or a large hill.

#4  Snowshoe and ski for the first time.

#5  Complete the Oregon portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

#6  Buy a tent and backpack and gear.

#7  Publish a book of 50 poems.

#8  Find a skilled carpenter to help me build a tiny house (200-300 sq ft) in the woods and build it.

simple-japanese-inspired-tiny-house-zen-cabin-in-the-woods-01(Photo credit: Brian Schulz, builder)

#9  Earn enough money for #6 and #8.  Okay that doesn’t sound fun based on my past ways of earning money, so possibly barter services? I could make bathtubs of organic vegetarian soup or write you poems in exchange for a backpack, a tent, and a house.

#10  See the Northern Lights (movie at U of Alaska Fairbanks does not count, even though it was cool).


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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