A Dawn to Dusk Pilgrimage

I did it.  Finally walked a marathon distance of 26 miles in a day, clearly not focused on speed.  I completed the distance in 10 hours.

November 23, 2013, was chosen by Ultimate Hike when I signed up to be part of their Pacific Crest Trail team and on second thought decided to do my own route close to home after realizing: a) I could not afford to take more than 1 day off work for travel and recovery, b) Flying 5 hours to LA the afternoon prior to waking at 3 a.m. would likely stack the deck against my physical body to muster the longest hike of my life.  (Turned out I made the best decision for me for another reason – the Big Bear Lake area had a weekend snowstorm – making hiking an additional challenge).  But that did not stop them!!! BRAVO

The pilgrimage I took opened my eyes to gorgeous parts of Whidbey I had not seen before, and ended up creating material for a pictorial e-book I intend to make called “A Mother’s Pilgrimage to Let Go” that I hope to make available to parents facing childhood cancer.

Amazingly, I had not considered prior to setting out that November 23 is almost exactly (-2 days) 9 years to the day I rushed my 3-year-old girl to my local hospital and 6 hours later caught the last ferry out to speed toward Seattle Children’s Hospital.  In numerology, 9 is the number that represents the end of a cycle.  For 7 years I have been trying to let go of my attachment to the 2 years prior, and this walk finally helped me do it.

From this point on, I will only go back to that story to help others, not drag myself down.  Let me be clear:  My daughter is a thriving being close to her 13th birthday(!), but the childhood cancer experience has haunted me.

Here is my walk’s story in pictures. I left at dawn, intending to start in dark.

Pilgrimage 003
A frosty refreshing morning.

Pilgrimage 005 Pilgrimage 006

Ever since the end of Carli’s cancer treatment, I had a dream to hand over her Hero Beads, each representing one part of medical treatment, to the natural world to heal the experience.  The e-book will contain all the images I took along the way with explanation of the beads that other families can obtain as a symbolic way to capture their story. Here are just two of those shots.

Pilgrimage 007

Pilgrimage 043

Morning light through the trees along Wilkinson.

Pilgrimage 008

As I was reflecting on all the children I met along my daughter’s cancer journey, I came across this monument to a car crash bathed in light, reminding me there are many ways young people die.

Pilgrimage 009

Pilgrimage 010 Pilgrimage 011

Wilkinson to Bob Galbreath the sky was scribbling a message!

Pilgrimage 013 Pilgrimage 014 Pilgrimage 015
Heggenes Road

Pilgrimage 016 Pilgrimage 018 Pilgrimage 019 Pilgrimage 020 Pilgrimage 021

Pastoral land full of creative people among the farms.

Pilgrimage 023 Pilgrimage 024

This image is in honor of Kaitlin who watched the movie “Spirit” at least 500 times, endured 4 years of cancer treatment (if she had Hero Beads, they would be 6 feet long), and was able to fulfill her wish to ride a Kiger mustang before she left the earth at age 7.
Pilgrimage 025 Pilgrimage 026

A mom and baby cow.  The calf had been nuzzling the mom’s neck as I approached and I stood for 5 minutes hoping she would return to that pose, but clearly they were star-struck.

Pilgrimage 027 Pilgrimage 028 Pilgrimage 029 Pilgrimage 030 Pilgrimage 031Some trees smile.

Pilgrimage 032Lichen decorating the log I sat on for lunch.

Pilgrimage 033A gurgling stream below the Whidbey Institute.

Pilgrimage 034Halfway!!  Thanks to my sister Sara for loaning me her i-Pod of fabulous playlists to keep me going.  What is it about halfway points toward goals that makes us want to stop?

Pilgrimage 035

Maxwelton valley

Pilgrimage 036

An apple tree reminiscent of a Grinch.

Pilgrimage 038

Crawford Road

Pilgrimage 039 Pilgrimage 040Putney Woods (I checked the hunting season schedule to make sure it had a break during this week, but I still heard gunshots and had no cell bars, so I was hoping they were from the shooting range and not the woods I was in).

Pilgrimage 041 Pilgrimage 042
Pilgrimage 044

Twilight as I emerged from Saratoga Woods, thankful for my head lamp.

Pilgrimage 045
And since I forgot to ask my mom to take a pic when she did a water drop at mile 16 (thanks Mom!), just to commemorate who did this journey, here is a photo my daughter took of me and the “peace potato” earlier this month.

Pilgrimage 001

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4 Responses to A Dawn to Dusk Pilgrimage

  1. Rdenman says:

    Way to go Erin, on multiple levels. Thank you for sharing your journey of the day.

  2. jenniverek says:

    Amazing, congratulations on succeeding at your goal and for sharing it!

  3. Anne (mom) says:

    I am in awe.

  4. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful journey!

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