Lost and Found

During my first marathon distance walk three days ago:


~ 3700 calories (according to MapMyWalk dot com).

~ Skin from my right foot.

~ Digestive regularity (everyone who has done a marathon warned me).

~ The idea I could not complete a marathon, which I have been wanting to do since 2006 with Team in Training.  I even wore my 2006 Seattle Marathon T-shirt, the event I had to drop out of last minute due to injury.

~ My asthma – I did not need my inhaler once with all the fresh air!


~ 24 hours of not minding being in my body and gratitude toward it for taking me where I wanted to go.

~ A day’s glimpse at life the pace of footsteps and the beauty that we miss going faster.

~ Relief from some post-traumatic stress by walking with a focus on my childhood cancer experience.

~ Reinforcement of the knowledge my being is happiest outdoors. . . which leads to further despair at my current job. . . which may push me over that edge to find a paid niche outdoors sooner than 6 more years of responsibility for a dependent.

~ 6 pennies!  Yay – that brings my fundraising total for CureSearch to $1375.06!!  If the pennies were multiplied by 10,000 I would meet my goal of $2500 by January 10, 2014.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. pethikemou says:

    your outlook is so inspiring, erin! thank-you for sharing ✫

  2. Ahmad says:

    Yet another remarkable blog to start the day with!
    Many thanks dear Erin for your beautiful inspiration.

    My best greetings from beloved Rumi’s homeland – Khurasan,
    with love and friendship,

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