Rewiring the American Dream

Lots of great information and ideas are percolating for my post of the 4th wing of ecopsychology on biomimicry, but this will need to wait until next Thursday as I am on-call for work and joining family in the evening for a shared feast.

On this Thanksgiving Day, my wish is that you are all with someone(s) whose company you enjoy, and if you are alone that you recognize the beauty of solitude.

As the American dream of house, car, TV, and thriving wage job is elusive for so many, I am reflecting this day on rephrasing the dream as 3 words:

Sustainability for all.

Over the coming year I intend to identify all the hypocrisies in my own lifestyle with these three words and work to align them.  Drive less, consume less, live more.

Abundant Earth blessings!


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Rewiring the American Dream

  1. ratracegrad says:

    I found your website from the live your legend start a blog challenge. I love the tulips background that you have on your website. You will have to check out my new blog at

  2. Erin W says:

    Thanks for introducing me to your blog, Jen. You have certainly not taken the path most traveled! As far as the tulips background, my daughter took the photo of the next county’s annual tulip festival out the window as I drove very slowly. Thanks for the comment!

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