Joining the Day of Gifting Bandwagon

Pilgrimage 032

As our inboxes are flooded with pleas from every worthy organization North and South, East and West today on this National Day of Giving, I hesitated posting anything.

But I simply cannot resist my impulse to share some organizations that have touched my heart.

First, I offer a gift for anyone, the best reading list I have seen about the topic closest to my heart (ecopsychology and nature reconnection), which I intend to seek at my library over 2014:

16 Great Books

Next, a glimpse at something that works in the world.  A window on an organization I have supported with only $10 per month whenever I could manage intermittently.


Third, the fair trade coffee I drink each morning, roasted on Camano Island (which I look at each day out my window) offered by Callie’s Coffee to support the Ben Towne Foundation (links on my blogroll to the right).  $25 per month brings me slightly more than I consume in a month of coffee cups in addition to supporting promising childhood cancer research.  And it really is about the best coffee I have tasted!  (Apologies to all my local hubs in the utopian land free of mega coffee corps like a certain one whose name sounds like a few shiny dollars).

Finally I am posting my final plea for help to inch closer to my intended goal of raising $2500 for CureSearch for Children’s Cancer by hiking a marathon 26 mile distance – which I did last week to coincide with the Pacific Crest Trail team!

Erin’s Ultimate Hike Page to Fund CureSearch

Here is the distance I went on the map, except that I looped around Putney and Saratoga Woods trails instead of sticking to the streets in order to assure my 26-mile distance and better enjoy my final miles:  My South Whidbey Marathon

2013 has been full of growth for me so far!  May our paths always lead us to understand our own hearts better so we may live and give our purpose.


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