Lessons in Self Compassion from the 3-Winged Butterfly

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We all have things we would like to change about ourselves.  Mine is resistance to completion.

Five weeks ago I stated I would post a 4-winged Thursday series on topics in Ecopsychology, but the 4th wing is still in the draft pile and it missed not one but two self-imposed deadlines.  Since I am not a prize-winning authority on ecopsychology, I am sure no one except me cares about these missed deadlines.  But I care so much that I finally took a good hard look at my pattern of resistance to complete many things.

Why do I not complete things?

Answers the 3-winged butterfly taught me:

1)  I have an inner drive toward daily balance and if I take on too much in a given day, I err on the side of moving toward the greatest priorities that need my attention.  For example, organizing this week’s sleepover birthday party for my 13-year-old child and her middle school friends and working 50 hours takes precedence over much else. . . IF I want sleep. . . which is a priority I never let go of as a high form of self care.  

2)  Not completing something is a great excuse for self-flagellation.  “How could you do this again??”  “You never finish anything!”  And depending on how many people are affected by your lack of completion, you stand a good possibility of being flagellated by them.

3)  I do not expect success because I would rather not be noticed.

To help me consider how to change my habits using the 3-winged butterfly knowledge, this great blog reinforced my decision to have more self compassion as a way of healing this character impediment:

Alex’s Kindnessville

And my sister’s reminder to “always leave a light on for my creative spirit” is invaluable for someone who is a mother and also attempting to create anything.  In fact, this blog is exactly a result of wanting to produce something separate from my child since I noticed every single sentence I spoke included my child.

Sara’s The Creating Mother’s Manifesto

And sadly, I still have my sister’s almost completed hand-crafted wedding blanket sitting in the corner of my room 10 years after I started it.  Surely this cold winter day is a great excuse to work on it!


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1 Response to Lessons in Self Compassion from the 3-Winged Butterfly

  1. Jennivere says:

    Brava for being aware and working your way through this. Would love to see a photo of the finished blanket, sounds like a lovely, loving gift. 🙂

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