Healthcare Update #2 (Last Update)

Another 5 days has passed since my last confession. . . er healthcare blog, and we have success!!

As promised, here is the NY Times article that includes my experience among the abundance of stories from around the country:

Enrollees at Health Exchanges Face Struggle

A second attempt to fill my prescription from January 3 was met with a refusal by my insurance despite being finally added to the state exchange by January 10. Turned out the insurance claimed the way I was taking the medication was a 60-day supply, when they would only cover a 30-day supply.  Got that fixed, and 3rd try was a charm.

I was able to pick up my inhaler today and am on my way to better breathing!

Granted, it is a struggle this month as I have not yet received my refund of almost $350 from being double-billed on December 22 by my health insurance carrier, but all is well in my money-separated world.

There is money, and then there is life.

Something is up with the temperature gods this week, with a failed water heater (promptly replaced by my landlords, praise be) and running out of propane rendering my stove temporarily useless, but LIFE is GOOD.

Peace doesn’t require two people; it requires only one. It has to be you. The problem begins and ends there.
― Byron Katie



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