Waterwoman Knits and a Reawakened Dream

My first remembered dreams from about age 3 were texture dreams.  One texture after another would present itself in front of me like a moving screen of grays and whites, though all my other dreams were in color.

My German grandmother taught me to knit when I was 6 years old.  At age 24-25, I worked full days in an office and returned to my apartment to knit late into the nights.  Weekends I hung out at wool stores.  What 20-something does that?  Eventually in my first real relationship at 26 he encouraged me to start a knitting business.  So I ordered 250 clothing tags to be sewn into products with the moniker “Waterwoman Knits.”

This was, as hard as it is for my daughter to believe, the days before Google, YouTube, eBay, or the Interweb existed to sell my wares.  I completed and sold a single sweater to a coworker for $80, about 25 cents per hour, but who was counting?  I simply enjoyed the calming process of creating the textures.  A meditation of sorts.

Answering a newspaper ad, I went to a decrepit old warehouse in the heart of downtown Seattle where a giant yarn company hired me to make gift sweaters for their clients who bought a certain amount of their product. They gave me yarn and a pattern, I could quit at any time, and I earned $75 for each sweater.  I made two sweaters before I recognized I wanted to spend time on other things, like kayaking and evening poetry classes subsidized by my secretarial job on a university campus, and I dropped the knitting.

Many/all of the things that bring me joy in life are unsustainable financially. Now that I have occasion to work on baby creations for a family member, the passion behind Waterwoman Knits has become rekindled.  Maybe, just maybe I could start putting smaller pieces like fingerless gloves, hats, and baby blankets online to sell.

I decided to photo document some of my unfinished large projects just to keep the dream alive and explore this as a potential source of income, despite the millions of others posting quality crafts online.



This one kept me sane during a year of my kiddo’s hospital stays and I stopped when she got better.



These are crocheted strips from the 12-year blanket soon to be completed and posted.


This is a very soft finished shawl anyone is welcome to have, made from yarn thanks to a holiday gift certificate several years ago.


A sweater started 25 years ago during a Fair Isle workshop but ran out of yarn and can no longer find the pattern.


The back of a sweater for my former husband we both realized was too small so I quit and can no longer find the pattern to complete.






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