Books and New Adventures

I have not seen a hard copy yet, but you can find my first ever book on Amazon today!

Click here:  HERE

This blog will have less frequent postings as I attempt to transform my webpage for Healing Outdoors.  I am hard at work writing 3 more books and all will be linked to that page.

Another new adventure for me is creating my own comfort shawl and cowl patterns to sell from the Healing Outdoors store.  My dream is that people in hospitals and caregivers anywhere can benefit from both the hand-knit goods and the books!

And maybe just maybe I might develop an income stream trickle from the heart work I really want to do in the world.  A multitude of blessings for all who gave me a nudge in the direction of making this happen.



About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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