Power of the Blog


Time for some celebration and gratitude for the little voice I listened to in October 2011 to go ahead and start a blog.  Even though I had no idea what I was doing.

It dawned on me today that the three wishes I mentioned in my ABOUT section of this blog have been accomplished last month!  And that, my friends, is the Power of the Blog.  Would I have accomplished any of these things had I not written them down publicly?  Maybe.  But I do have a record I can refer to now to see how each of my intentions became a reality, and it feels very good to see one at a time, each a year apart, happen in their own time.

WISH #1:  If financial circumstances would allow my first vacation from work in 5 years, I would do a walking tour of some state or country and publish a book about my observations.

REALITY:  In August 2012 I had my first 5 days vacation in 5 years, and again in June 2013.  Hallelujah!

WISH #2:  My biggest WIG (wildly improbable goal), to borrow a phrase from life coach, Martha Beck, is to walk some great distance to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

REALITY:  In November 2013 I walked my own designed marathon distance (26 miles in 10 hours) to raise funds for CureSearch.

WISH #3:  I plan to publish a book of poems when I am 80.

REALITY:  In February 2014 I published my first book of poetry!  And I was not 80 years old!

I now need to come up with some new wishes for the wish-granting genie!

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Power of the Blog

  1. Sharon says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  2. seannisil says:

    Well done! Now I’m curious about you’re new “WIGs.” 🙂

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