Tuning Into Heart’s Voice

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Even though I meditate daily to let thoughts go and drift, I had no idea how much I live captive to the mind’s voices until I took Alex Mill’s Heart-to-Heart Self Mentoring e-mail course.

My biggest breakthrough so far has arrived on the back of this ugly voice:

“You will never be successful.”

I wrote down all sorts of responses to this voice, trying to understand how it arrived and why it has stayed inside my head my entire life.  I came up with:

  • A movie that reminded me of what I was trying to say.
  • Philosophies about success.
  • All the family and societal reasons I could not be successful.
  • All the reasons I reject success.
  • I threw up my hands at the entire process of trying to get at the root of this voice I have heard my entire life.  It felt like a tangled ball of twine all jumbled.

Until I was guided to tune into the heart’s voice, and it was shaky through the tears.

The heart said:

“You arrived on this amazing planet, a little being powerfully connected to all trees, mountains, sand, water forms, plants, animals, sunrises, sunsets, moon, stars, sun.  Everyone around you was working so hard to be successful.  Exhausted, frustrated, irritated.  But you wanted to sit for hours letting sand run through your fingers, observe beetles, leaves, listen to trees, watch sky.  You thought you had to give up your purpose for being here to be successful.  Now you are remembering.  You are joining those who are awake.”

If you want a new way to live, I cannot recommend this e-course more.

Each person learns exactly what they need to learn.  For me it has been how to get out of my head’s incessant jabber and listen to my heart’s voice.

I can choose to listen to my heart’s voice any time because I record what it has to say and play it back.  It is an empowered way to be in the world – listening to your own heart.

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1 Response to Tuning Into Heart’s Voice

  1. Yes Erin! Each person does hear exactly what they need to learn. I really feel the tangled ball of twine as well. Thank you for sharing.

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