As followup to my post of a few days ago, Power of the Blog, it feels like time to post three more WIGS.  I do not mean hair pieces, as I have plenty where that came from.  I mean Wildly Improbable Goals, as termed by life coach, Martha Beck.

Thanks for asking, Universe! ; )

IMG_0284ONE:  My Healing Outdoors: Care for the Caregiver book will be completed, published and function as a stepping stone to a livelihood working in some way outdoors serving people through life experience and nature reconnection, writing, walking. 


TWO:  I will find my peeps (already in process!) so my outer and inner support increases toward making my livelihood vision a reality.


(Drawing thanks to daughter at age 10 – includes a tree that grows chocolate for me!)

THREE:  I will encounter financial support and technical know-how to build a structure to keep out deer, rabbits, raccoons, birds in order to sow a thriving garden at my current rental home and/or other community space that will allow me to share some of the harvest with my community’s food bank and provide a source of organic veggies for me and child.  Maybe this will improve the chances of a miracle and the teen will start to eat vegetables!


?FOUR?: A 4th WIG is described in my blog tab “Long Walk” in which I hope to train toward hiking a long stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2020 for charity, but that is my longest term goal and least likely with my lack of equipment, funding, training time, so I am focusing on more immediate top 3 wish priorities. 


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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