WE Day

Sometimes our children thrive in spite of what we might think are inadequacies as parents.

I have been having lots of feelings lately of awe and humility watching mine.  Amid the usual frustration of sloth-like teen transformation when asked to do something like, for example, clean a room.  

Last month she attended the 30+ year Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival for the first time.  Next month she represents her school in our state National Geographic Geography Bee for the 2nd year in a row.  And today she was one of 20 students with evidence of “leadership skills” to attend WE Day. 

What is WE Day?  Watch this video that brought tears to my eyes and find out.  I had no idea until today about the lineup of speakers and now I see why she was so excited she was pacing.  Each student present is asked to bring 3 cans of food.  I can barely imagine how many millions of pounds of food that represents for the food banks!


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