12-Year-Old Wisdom

While spring cleaning, I ran across a creativity journal I kept when I was 12 and 13 years old.  Possibly our life’s purpose is never seen more clearly than near age 12.  Old enough to have learned a bit about how humanity and self works, yet not old enough to be completely jaded or giving up.

I remember distinctly dreading growing up because the problems facing humanity and earth felt too overwhelming to repair.  More so 35 years later, I have found solace in my dream of working with people to reconnect to Earth’s voice.

What these little poems tell me is not to give up on completing an ecopsychology degree even if it takes me to age 80 to earn enough.  My life purpose is deeply intertwined with Earth’s purpose.

Leaves 006








The sunlight filtered
through smooth and graceful trees.
Behold! There was life!


Pilgrimage 034








A crystal clear stream
frothing and fretting its way
endlessly running.




Leaves! Drifting downward
carried and caressed by wind,
sliding to soft earth.


Cougs 057








The billowy clouds
floated above the blue sky
changing shape with care.


Fragrance Lake 013








A New Day

The sun spreads its light
and dries the wet dewy grass
A new day begun.





Associated Press – July 2013 – Detroit








Buildings and buildings,
tearing and scarring meadows.
Will Man ever stop?










The Apple Tree

The apple tree stood
ornamented and serene
reaching for the sky.


images (2)

Gas flares over North Dakota – burning oil cheaper than selling








The earth gave and gave,
until it could give no more.
And who was to blame?










It is faster than joy, love,
It is slower than death.







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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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