Fasting as Focus

Today I am in solidarity with a group of people fasting on the 1st of each month to prior to the next global climate change meeting in Peru this fall.  This is the result of social media following the 13-day fast of Yeb Sano, Philippines UN commissioner, after Typhoon Haiyan.

It dawned on me as I started the day that this is the first time I have ever spent 24 hours without eating in my ENTIRE life.  Even when I have been ill with stomach flu or pneumonia or even super busy, I managed to take in some liquid calories.

Here are some insights from my fast:

1)  Fasting is humbling.  To recognize I have not gone without food for an entire 24 hours in 47 years makes me acutely aware of my privilege as a human on Earth.   It’s not an entirely comfortable awareness but certainly brings gratitude to the forefront.

2)  Fasting is spiritual.  One thing Life has taught me is that spiritual growth happens when we are outside our “comfort zone.”   Life will bring us there again and again, and/or we can consciously choose to place ourselves in situations that cause growth.

3)  Fasting is focus.  Hunger pangs are an incredible opportunity for mindful focus away from discomfort and toward the reason for a fast.  Here are talks on the topic should anyone want a spectrum of views on climate change.  The “noise” is so loud, I sometimes do not know how to 100% draw a full conclusion, but I do sit in solidarity with all life affected by the shifts.

Seattle Times video about Pacific Ocean acidification happening close to my home now:

Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn


An American climate blogger:


A British climate diplomat:


A US Navy Rear Admiral oceanographer and reformed climate change skeptic (surprisingly entertaining speaker):


Ocean acidification scientist in Washington State:


2014 Yale Climate Forum, Expecting the Unexpected:


IPCC data


Surprise!  In March 2014, a Western Washington University professor emeritus who describes himself as apolitical, a lifelong environmentalist and not paid by a big company testifies before WA senate that Climate Change is a myth, the oceans are not acidifying, CO2 emissions are not  a cause of global warming, and that NASA and NOAA data is tweaked.  (Video testimony included in article)


This just in:




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