Letting Go

One of my goals for my 24-hour vacation was to practice letting go of things that don’t serve me.  To that end, I wrote in the sand some beliefs I wished the tide to carry away.  In typical me fashion, I made a tactical error in that the tide was going out at the moment I wrote these, not coming in.  This meant for several hours beach walkers could pass by and scratch their heads at the strange writings.  Maybe it seemed like a new religion for unsuccessful people who are koo-koo and cannot dance?  : )





And below is my slide show from 5 hours of beach walking and 4 hours of rain forest hiking and praising of old growth trees people have left alone to continue their journey.  Praise be!

Halfway through my beach walking, tiny pieces of blue plastic jumped out at me as if saying, “I do not belong”.  Once my radar was set toward plastic, I felt compelled to pick up each and every piece, and as I bent, I said “Forgive us, we know not what we do.”  It was actually a very spiritual experience!  I intend to start doing this everywhere I go now.  Can you imagine if everyone who ever walked a beach did this?  Amazing what happens once attention is focused on any single thing.  We start making a difference and stop feeling helpless in the face of such a huge problem.  Here is a great source of info if you want to help out:  http://5gyres.org/what_is_the_issue/the_solution/.  That same day, a cashier at major chain store I stopped in on my road trip asked what I thought of her county’s new plastic bag ban effective July 1, 2014.  Can you guess I am thrilled?

(I don’t have much choice of YouTube audio to attach to my slideshows because I do as much as possible for no cost.  Otherwise I would choose something a bit more upbeat and inspirational and appropriate for the length).  A meandering 11-minute nature meditation as a break in your day.  Enjoy the peace.  And the seagull classroom in session.



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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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