30-Day Fear Challenge

Thanks to my friend, Jolijn, who got the inspiration from a young man who did this experiment, I am embarking on a 30-Day Fear Challenge in which you chose one of three things each day to do:

#1 – Do something you fear.

#2 – Do something you want to do but have been procrastinating about and putting off.

#3 – Do something you have never done before.  (This list gets smaller the older one gets – or maybe not if the Universe expands).

It seems to be a snowball effect because this is turning into two challenges per day for me.  I am only done with Day 2 of this experiment, and I will not bore you with daily updates.  I want to post this now to simply record my participation and will post 30-day highlights of exactly how much fear I blast apart when I reach the end.  I will either survive or I won’t.  If you see my day #30 August 5 post, I LIVE!

Day 1:

a) Ran 1 mile of 5-mile trail in the woods.  Last time I ran I weighed 25 pounds less and did not have holes in my shoes.  Asthma still flares when I run, but Yay for me, I ran and felt FABU!   I immediately wanted to do it again.  So I did after catching my breath.  A side effect was that I discovered more of a trail system near me that contains 25 miles of horse trails I have never explored.  That is going down as an exciting challenge for the “something never done” category for another day. . . only map is at the trailhead so memorizing all 25 miles of twists and turns will be fun!

b) Took myself off personal Facebook page for 30 days to reevaluate whether I still want a FB page.  This means I won’t communicate with anyone through my page – only use the icon to log into off-Facebook events and groups.  It is such a huge temptation as my paid work at the computer ebbs and flows.  Instead I could take a refreshing 2- to 3-minute break or create something!  I was off Facebook for 2 years after realizing I felt worse and more alone in the world despite all the “friends”.  The past year I recreated a page in order to participate in groups only available through FB and enjoyed a ton of connections.  But recently I started feeling that old sinking again and want to see how I feel after 30 days.

Day 2:

a) Said “hello” and smiled at anyone I encountered.  Fortunately I got out of my home office this day for several reasons and did not need to say hi and smile in a mirror.  Though I did that too.  ; )

b) Finalized publishing my book #2 for 2014!  Yay.  Available here tomorrow:  https://www.createspace.com/4890478


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  1. strongchest says:

    Impressive and inspiring – go well!

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