Halfway to 30 Days of Fear


(Photo credit: Jordan Siemens, Aurora Photos)

WOW has this challenge ever been amazing.  All I am doing is coaching myself through fear and procrastination on a daily basis.  Here is a list of not even all the transformative happenings from 15 days.  Keep in mind what is fear to one person might be completely benign to another.

  • Self-published a book connected to work of my heart.
  • Contacted publisher when error was made on title page of book and received free shipped replacement copies.  (Stepping forward on behalf of self = fear)
  • Got self into bathing suit at public lake.
  • Jumped off dock with nieces at lake.
  • Committed to doing old yoga tapes 3 days each week and kept commitment.
  • Started creating a 30-Day Fear Challenge curriculum and simple webpage to allow others to join in and support one another after my challenge is over.
  • Explored and memorized 10 of 25 miles of horse trails I had never been on in the woods near me.
  • Contacted camp director in person to introduce self and leave book copy for her, even though I had to ask four people to find the woman in the pink wig with tiara and cat-eye glasses.  (You gotta know Camp Goodtimes to understand).
  • Work 12-hour days at job when more work became available suddenly. . . Even though not ideal because job causes ear ringing and hearing loss with long hours, it is a stepping stone making cash available for next steps.
  • Gave 3 months notice to move to a smaller more manageable space.
  • Sorted through and took 4 giant boxes of books and clothing to community thrift store attached to local food bank = Win-Win.  Giving back for food I receive while making items available to people who may want them, while clearing out living space.
  • Visited friends in children’s hospital, despite all memories/emotions floating there.
  • Got many inches of hair chopped.  Shedding.  Feeling lighter.


Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

― Jim Rohn

“As human beings, not only do we seek resolution, but we also feel that we deserve resolution. However, not only do we not deserve resolution, we suffer from resolution. We don’t deserve resolution; we deserve something better than that. We deserve our birthright, which is the middle way, an open state of mind that can relax with paradox and ambiguity. To the degree that we’ve been avoiding uncertainty, we’re naturally going to have withdrawal symptoms—withdrawal from always thinking that there’s a problem and that someone, somewhere, needs to fix it.”

Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times (p 54)

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5 Responses to Halfway to 30 Days of Fear

  1. R. Leckey Harrison says:

    Is this a program you made up for yourself? Sounds intriguing.

  2. Faline says:

    This is great. I saw your poetry book and it is lovely. I like the style. Who was your publisher? I think you all did a great job.

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