30 Days of Fear Challenge Never Ends

Thanks to a flood of work, I nearly forgot this blog.  For sake of follow-through, I am finally jotting this post about what I did for the remainder of my 30 Days of Fear Challenge.

This photo represents shining light on a fear.


And this represents what happens as you take a closer look – it can become intricate and beautiful and much different than it appears at a distance.


My friend who formed the challenge group made a video of her own results here (http://youtu.be/QHq9STF2IJM), and I can say she is correct to ask the question – should 30 Days of Fear actually be called 30 Days of Happiness?

I recommend trying this conscious experiment for 30 days because you may find you don’t want to live differently.  I don’t.  Now I ask myself each day, what am I putting off doing?  What am I blocking with my fear?  Some fears I just sit with and observe because they feel so big.  I am beginning to understand them in a new way simply by sitting with them.

The 2nd half of my 30-day challenge I did the following in addition to other items:

  • Decided to take more time to earn enough to move from my current housing situation until July 2015.  Sometimes staying put is the best choice until the path forward becomes clearer.
  • Sorted through many more boxes of books and took more boxes of clothing to food bank/thrift store.
  • Worked on a public presentation I gave shortly after the 30 days ended.
  • Initiated reading books,writing as I process my readings, and an eco-art therapy certificate program toward my master’s degree in ecospychology.
  • Sought and applied for a Seattle job that pays $1000/month more than I can earn self-employed just to prove to myself these jobs exist, since my mantra is “No higher paying jobs exist that I qualify for.”  I didn’t get the interview, but finding and filling out the application and considering the trade-off of a 3-hour public transit commute each day versus working from home gave me a fresh perspective.
  • Reached out to learn about any nature-connection groups forming in my county and volunteered to contribute something in evenings when my work schedule allows.
  • Learned the remaining 15 miles of wooded trails near me “like the back of my hand.”
  • Meditated on a fear that is probably my biggest.  Sometimes sitting with a fear is the most we can do.  I will likely do some self-designed art therapy on the fear and see what I learn.

Moral of the story:  We all have fears.  We all can let fears limit our soul’s expression or our life path while here on this beautiful mother ship.  We all can begin to transform our fears and resistances by shining a light on them.  Some will release easily.  Some may take a while to disintegrate.  But taking on the challenge is the only option to move toward an authentic life.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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