Creating Joy

I am riding what feels like a wave of creating lately amid large amounts of persistent work I would rather not be doing.  Suddenly worlds that before felt closed to my heart are opening.  For the first time EVER I bought myself some art supplies a month ago to take a year-long Eco-Art Therapy course with Nature and a very patient teacher as mentors.  And then I took a side job that earned me exactly the fee necessary for a course that opened up unexpectedly – a beautiful(!!!!) 3-week course taught by Molly Hahn of Buddha Doodles called the Unstarving Artists Academy.  Molly is a fantastic force of nature I tell you!  Her daily doodles make my heart smile and what she offers of herself to her students is so inspiring it has no words.  The course includes her own bite-sized yoga instruction and an amazing team of mentors.  Learning her own personal story makes what she offers all the more astounding.

P.S.  Molly’s Interconnected Doodle is my all-time favorite and should there be an occasion like a birthday or holiday gift arising, here is a not so subliminal message. : )

I feel a bit like a baby learning to walk as I move pencils and markers around paper to convey feelings, but without any prior training at all I feel like sharing what I have created so far simply to mark a beginning.

Feeling I had when taking 1st vacation in 5 years from work in 2011


Sitting at beach in Oak Harbor


Purple cabbage


First Fall Maple Leaf




Little noisy wren




Doodling my Self Marriage in 2013, thanks to SARK who happens to be a mentor in Molly’s course : )


In addition, I learned anyone of any photographic skill can post 15 photos per week on the National Geographic site, so I started doing so as a way to cull my favorites and see how far I can go with nature photography and my little camera HERE.


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