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My dream focus has been quietly for years on creating a way to do work I love in the world.  The need to work 50-60 hours a week for most of the past 15 years to maintain roof over said dreaming head places limits on the speed of my trajectory toward heart-centered work.  Plus I am challenged by simple technological advances such as e-mail lists, subscribe buttons, and online marketing.

One successful marketing strategy is to create How To videos on YouTube as a way to introduce people to you and increase your e-mail list.  After all, each of us has something unique to contribute to the world.  Some piece of knowledge, talent or innate gift that we have to share.

Upon hearing this tasty bit of strategy, I came up with the following list of How To Videos.


1.  Live Like a Monastic Without Leaving Your Day Job!

2.  Become the Neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady.  Without Cats.

3.  Knit a Sweater in 10 Years

4.  Transform Unfinished Knitting Projects Into Yarn

5.  Create Delectable Vegan Meals From Other People’s Gardens

6.  Release Your Inner Nemophilist

7.  Meditate and Do Yoga While Working at a Computer Without Anyone Noticing

8.  Become a World Class Nature Photographer Without a World Class Camera.  (Redefining World Class – Step #1).

9.  Be an Armchair Activist.  Save the World from the Comfort of Your Couch.

10.  Survive Kookoo Doodoo Mountains Life Throws At You and Keep Your Mental Health. Sort of.


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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1 Response to How To Videos

  1. strongchest says:

    Love this… I can feel your laughter

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