Intentions Toward Honoring Self and Others


Up early again to work on a Sunday.  And the Saturday that was yesterday.  And the entire week prior.  And last Sunday.

Everyone I work with and for puts in 10- to 12-hour days 7 days a week.  Because that’s what it takes these days.  Maintaining the infrastructure of our lives has become untenable for so many IF at the same time we want to live in balance with our nature.  No matter the consequences, I do not care to continue the insanity.

My 2015 intentions:

1) Meditate.

2) Wednesdays off to be at food bank garden work parties.

3) Knit for my fledgling business and Etsy page setup: Conscious Knits.

4) Explore Habitat for Humanity housing, low-income HUD apartments and keep praying to manifest something I have never seen – a 2 bdr rental cottage in the woods with no prior cat/dog.

5) Cut hours in half each day that I listen to medical traumas (medical transcription).

6) Walk each day outdoors and live more of the freedom walking provides me.

7) Learn about vulnerability, letting go, living with state aid or whatever is required to put self-care first and stop the intense pressure to provide.

8) Remember my FILTER LIST.


I am walking.

I am serving others.

I am creating.

I am outdoors.

I am traveling.

I am now and forever a magnet for all the good and abundance that is mine by divine right.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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