Travel Paucity

Rhymes with Travelocity. And for the members of Travelholics Anonymous, it’s been:

  • 9 years since my last airplane flight.
  • 16 years since my last travel outside the U.S.
  • 18 years since my last travel inside the U.S. but outside the West Coast states of Washington, Oregon, California.
  • 20 years since my last trip across the Canadian border just a hop, skip and a jump north of me.
  • 25 years since my last trip to Asia.

Travel requires more-than-basic-needs resources, which have been slim pickings in my world of late.  But whenever I think I’d like to ask the Head Honcho for a do-over of my last 25 years, it occurs to me that if today was my last on Earth, I am filled with gratitude for the variety of experiences I have had and the places I’ve been.  Even though I would love opportunity to travel more, it feels enough.   My life is Enough.

I’ve met people who’ve never left their 2,000-person town in their entire 90-something-year life.   And I’ve met people who travel weekly across continents for work and complain constantly, never even seeing the places they are.

The best part is, there are many forms of travel.  And many of them are free of charge.  Think about it.  Are we ever 100% fully where our physical body is?  Isn’t our mind usually off thinking about X, Y, or Z in some other locale?   Even if only envisioning shelves of our local grocery store as we make a mental list?  Visiting a friend from days past in their living room? When I hear people in spiritual circles mention the phrase “multidimensional being” I agree I am one, but you don’t have to astral travel, see ghosts or channel Tibetan masters who lived hundreds of years ago to be multidimensional.

There is much to be learned by inner travel.  What I’ve learned by staying put the past years is:

  • Having enough to subsist can be a celebration.
  • Becoming your own exploration is rewarding.
  • There are many zones of awareness you can tap into if you take the time.
  • Knowing the difference between you and your mind is something best learned by staying put, following that breath as far as it can go.

My luck is changing.  Things are slowly shifting in the resource department.  Working harder than ever before, taking new contracts offered, after taxes, medical and sports fees and endless stream of unexpected costs involved in supporting two people, by the end of 2015 I may be in a position to travel once again. Places I have traveled only in my mind:

  • Ecuador and Peruvian rain forest
  • Ireland (it’s my namesake even though I have not a drop of Irish blood; my allergies/asthma exempted me from joining a college semester group there)
  • Scotland
  • France (five years of French classes ought to come back to me, c’est vrai mais peut-etre pas)
  • India
  • Kenya and Tanzania
  • Thailand

Reminiscing. Best of Japan photos 25 years ago scanned to preserve ancient technology to digital format.  Even though I went to Tokyo several times and visited large urban centers, the photos meaningful to me were from weekend solo train trips to various temples and group hike meetups with other foreigners.  Have watched every one of Miyazaki’s films that capture the country landscapes so beautifully.


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