7 Days of Happiness

Why Not?

Days of Happiness

I don’t think it’s too late, if you care to sign up!

Thought I’d post the challenges here as I complete them.

Day 1:  Vision board of future.  Things like this and things like that below.  Dream of dream would be to find someone to apprentice to learn how to physically build my own tiny place.  Plus music, writing, knitting design, long walks, space for adult child to visit me.  Possible companionship, though that is my biggest challenge to vision being successful.  Oh, what the hell.  Yes to companionship.

And routes to more funds if any of this is gonna fly.

Day 2:  Taking care of body.  Walked several miles:  Check.  Ate healthy things:  Check.  Got 8 hours sleep:  Check.   Meditated:  Check.  Tough time for breathing lately, making meditation focused on breath interesting.  Jumped through bureaucratic hoops to get asthma medication refilled for “only” $50 copay:  Check.

logcabin tiny house


tiny-house-in-the-mountains1 biogarden1 companion-planting_opt companion-planting11 permaculture


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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1 Response to 7 Days of Happiness

  1. Sharon says:

    Love this post! Surely you will have all this and more, Erin.

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