Reaching Nirvana

Ta da!

Ta da!

The metaphysical description:

First I wanted to reach Nirvana ever since I learned of it.  Then I found it.

I lost all sense of time.  I did not eat or drink, only moved forward.

“Let me know if you find it,” said a man on the path– a man I would never see again.

I did not have a map, and after several hours started to fatigue.  Will I reach it?  Surely I will.  The moment I trusted I would, a map appeared.  Nirvana was closer than I thought.

In order to reach Nirvana I had to pass Something, but signs for Something had become nothing.  I never found them at either end of that path.  In order to know I reached Nirvana, I had to focus all my attention above eye level, above the crown.  And then I was there!

Nirvana was like a steep climb and a patch of dank, dark tunnel until suddenly all manner of color and light appeared.

After reaching Nirvana, I came out upon a magical sunlit space called Limbo.  I could have stayed there forever.

Suddenly I was hungry and knew I should head home.  Six hours into my journey, I returned.

The physical description:


About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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