Last Post From The 3-1/2-Year Time Capsule

Synchronous with my domain expiring, I have decided to make this my final post on this blog.  The blog will be completely deleted by May 2015.  I will focus instead on private journaling for a while to remind myself I can still write with pen on paper.

I will happily make available any of my piano/harpsichord recordings since that person doesn’t exist anymore, and she would love to share the talent that was.   Just contact me to receive an mp3 by Google Drive or Dropbox.  Great background music for mowing the lawn, brushing your teeth, reading a book, or thinking something.

Highlights of the 3-1/2-year journey:

  • My favorite post:   Oh, The People You Meet
  • My favorite recipe:  Persian Ratatouille
  • Most magazine-like blog post:  7 Tips on Preserving Health and Sanity While Working From Home
  • First post: Double Rainbow.  Shows me how little and how much has changed in about four years.  My neuroses have remarkable integrity across time : )  But it is reassuring to know I now partake daily in all the joys mentioned in the post (knitting, music, reading and writing).
  • Conversations with Trees, October 2013:  Almost daily writeup and research about a tree in my neighborhood for a month
  • Daily blog post challenge, November 2013 on  NaBloPoMo
  • Most of my poems stored in this blog were published into a book available on Amazon in 2014 with assistance of Alex Mill.  Gratitude!
  • Special thanks to my most consistent blog fan (you know who you are Tom) who is an admired writer in his own right and a great encourager of fellow bloggers.

You can find me at where, despite being unable to obtain further hands-on training in ecopsychology at the moment, I intend to keep walking the walk and reading nature-connection resources.

I will never give up my dream to walk West to East Coast someday to raise funds for childhood cancer research.  With any luck, that journey will be the next blog I publish.  Maybe at age 55.  I want to know what it is to live life on my own two feet.

Possibly the biggest change over this time capsule is my child was an adoring 10-year-old when I started posting and is now 14.  Life with a teen snapshot:

Monday:  “Do we have to eat dinner together again?”

Tuesday:  “I don’t want to have conversations with you anymore, because all you want to talk about is thoughtful stuff.”

Wednesday:  “Mom, what do you think consciousness is?”

Thanks for reading, adios amigos, and take care of yourselves.





About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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2 Responses to Last Post From The 3-1/2-Year Time Capsule

  1. Sharon says:

    I’ll miss your posts! But I’ll see you around. 🙂

  2. Tom Trimbath says:

    Concluded with style. Nicely done. (Have fun with the walk!)

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