How I Lost 25 Pounds Without Trying


We must celebrate life where we can.  Today I celebrate a milestone.

I reached a number on the scale that means my BMI (body-mass index) is out of the Obese range and into the top of the Overweight range.  It may not sound like “Yay, I’m overweight” is celebration to some, but it is for me.  

I want to describe how this transformation happened without my focus on it.

Usually I avoid weighing my body more than a few times a year.  I refuse to carry around a number as a silent source of shame or red letter.

Since New Year’s Day 2014 I have lost 25 pounds.  Slow enough to mean real change.  What shifts did I make?

  • I placed my focus on being healthy.
  • I was already vegetarian, but I stopped eating dairy.  (This may not work for your body, but it almost immediately helped me feel less congested, allergic, and more energetic).
  • I sat grounded with conscious connection to my body each and every day for about 15-30 minutes.  Meditation or “body scanning” can help with this.  I found this made me more aware of not being hungry when my body really wasn’t hungry.
  • I continued to do what I have always done:  Walk daily, drink water, and eat no more than 1500 calories a day, but focus more than calories on assuring a minimum of 40 mg plant-based protein each day.

I am currently training to walk a full marathon, including grueling hills that raise my heart rate.  That should increase my metabolism.  But to compensate for 25 years at a desk job most of my waking hours, what I have found over time is endurance walking does little to impact my weight.  Instead it tends to make me stronger and feel happier.   So I intend to spend the remainder of my life endurance walking, just as I have always done starting with walking to and from school as long as I can remember.

One foot in front of the other.  One mile at a time.

Let the celebration continue.


Food for thought:


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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