Footsteps In Solidarity


On Sunday, November 29, 2015, instead of walking the Seattle Half Marathon as I had planned, I will take the route of much easier start-line logistics and no hotel cost, walking 14 miles local to me in solidarity with global events of the weekend.  Convening 50,000 people at the Climate Change Conference in Paris from 200 countries, and a large gathering of indigenous peoples.

International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change

“Given their widespread reliance on natural resources and ecosystems, indigenous peoples and local communities are especially vulnerable to, and disproportionately impacted by, climate change. They are being forcibly removed from their lands by deforestation, sea-level rise, major infrastructure projects, and conflict arising from resource scarcity. All the while, they play a critical role in climate change mitigation and adaptation through their historic and effective role as stewards of much of the                   world’s remaining forests.”

I will also walk keeping in mind several pediatric cancer stories that have crossed my path this month, since the compassion I feel for other parents facing this is enormous.  Every day I live in gratitude my child survived.  I invite you to look into this group raising funds named after a 5-year-old currently on hospice care: ChadTough Foundation.  I will carry a photo of a son of a mom in Alaska I connected with after Portland Marathon by email through Team in Training who had the same exact stage and diagnosis as my child, made it through two years of treatment, but did not survive.

Walking seems to allow me to process emotions better than any other way I know. I decided to catalog all my long walks in order to inspire me to someday fulfill my dream of walking the entire US.  Who knows?  If I stay local long enough, I may eventually complete an equivalent distance.  In my book, everywhere is “walking distance.”

11-29-2015 – 14 miles in Solidarity with Peace, People Working on Climate Change Solutions, Pediatric Cancer Treatments

Walk - 11-29-2015 - Peace, Climate Change, pediatric brain tumo10-04-2015 – Portland Full 26.2 Marathon – $2,311 raised.  Link is still active to accept donations to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

01-18-2015 – Greenbank to Langley, 18 miles in Solidarity With Crystal – GoFundMe

Walk - 1-18-2015 - Crystal11-23-2013 – 26 miles and $1,500 for Cure Search

Walk - 11-29-2013 CureSearch09-29-2013 – 20 miles in training Langley to South Whidbey State Park Walk - 9-29-20132012 – 23 miles on South Whidbey I don’t remember why, before I discovered MapMyWalk.

Lodestone Mandala – laminated copy I view every day at my desk

To view a more brilliant digital version, visit here where you can listen to a 6-minute Heart Space meditation:

Gaiafield – Lodestone Mandala by



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