Climate Change Gain?

For 195 countries to agree to anything is an achievement.

Here is a link to the actual signed agreement many are celebrating.


Interesting indigenous response to the UN’s REDD program (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) which many indigenous groups have been opposing since 2008.

This book helps explain more about these issues.


A 40-year-old organization, Friends of The Earth, which I enjoyed hiking with while in Japan 25 years ago, has a less than positive outlook on the Paris climate deal as well.

This photo from Avaaz is a powerful creative visual of 22,000 shoes of those unable to march in Paris due to November’s violence.

unnamed (8)

With a puzzle as complex as climate change, world politics, human drive to assign economic value to shared forests, water, land, and people’s desire to protect their home, it can be hard to sort the wheat from chaff.  But my gut tells me a few possible truths:

  • We’ve only begun to see organized expressions of concern.
  • We’ve only begun to understand the scope of changes.
  • Some agreement is better than no agreement, but it depends on what is agreed to.
  • Nothing will please 100% of people 100% of the time, but 100% renewable energy is a goal that makes sense if we want to live more kindly to our life support system.
  • I want to keep an open mind and learn more about what it means to actually conserve the environment on the ground as I head back to school.
  • The universe has a sense of humor. I’ve spent a decade working from home, not burning much fuel in my car, but now that I choose to go to school in environmental conservation, I will spend 4 hours a day on the road burning fuel.
  • As one part of planetary system restoration, it feels like this makes sense:  planting trees and planting trees or in some cases tree thinning.
  • We should never underestimate the friends we have in low places.  One glimmer of hope that crossed my path this week is the discovery the humble meal worm can safely biodegrade Styrofoam.  Next hope is to find a sea creature capable of doing something similar, since we are obviously not very good at cleaning our own mess.  What to do with all the plastic in our oceans and affecting our very own cells?


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