Dream Fund


Several occurrences have pointed me toward the dream theme.  We all have them.  I began by realizing that even though dreams may not seem “realistic,” or may seem far off, they are something we can take action steps toward.  Quickly followed by realizing that I need to release all expectations of WHAT will arrive when I take action steps toward a given dream.

DREAM #1:  I want to build a tiny house in my future.  This seems impossible since I currently don’t have enough funds, land, building expertise, etc.  The reason why I want to build is I feel the process of learning to build a small space from which to journey and asking for advice/assistance from people along the way will be the journey itself I need.  I never lived in one place very long until I had a child and wanted to hold on with everything I had inside of myself to provide stability.  I imagine myself thriving on rambling in the future.

On the theme of “home,” I have experienced a sense of home inside myself but never really in property.  I’ve never owned a home, and only one of my physical possessions is important enough to me to care if it were to be taken from me this instant.  Even that possession (my grandmother’s cherry wood roll-top desk) I could release, because its absence would not impact my connection to my grandmother’s spirit.  I’ve experienced great energy from various places, the vast expression of Earth time in the desert Southwest, the mossy, ferny woods, lakes and ocean of the Pacific Northwest, have resonating memories associated with various places, but I don’t know where home is other than where I am at any given moment.

DREAM #2:  I have a vision of designing some kind of retreat to offer, name and place undetermined (Closing The Loop?), that involves knitting, walking, and sitting, all forms of meditation, all where I experience my greatest sense of “home.”  I envision creating several thematic knitting patterns and offering supplies ahead of time which people can choose from as a focus.  Anything completed during or after the retreat would be gifted to self or someone else you care about or simply someone who needs something warm.  Knitting would be followed by walking/hiking followed by sitting meditation to round out the retreat.  I have no idea where, when or how, but it’s origin is the heart and I have met many fellow knitters among meditators so I know there are enough of us to form a circle.

DREAM #3:  A third dream is funding my mythical long walk.  Long enough to experience complete surrender of my physical self and write a book of journey notes to share to possibly (best case scenario) inspire others.

I experience the universe as abundant.  For me personally that abundance has had little to do with money.  This is why my money-based action here feels like a powerful shift.  To include money in the sense of abundance.

To begin, I am starting with money.  Mapping out complete resolution of any debt and beginning a Dream Fund, a savings I cannot touch like I can my “emergency fund” which is forever experiencing emergency drainage. ; )  One month it’s a dental emergency, the next a car malfunction, the next you name it.  Life.  In this Dream Fund I am placing $2 a day on top of an initial sum to open an account.  Wherever we are on the money spectrum, a coin, a dollar, a hundred dollars, or whatever windfall comes our way can go into a dream jar.  Who knows where that one action will take us?




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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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