Nature Break

This week, I happened upon a feature of this man’s labyrinths in Oregon beach sand that feel like an incredible gift to the world.  Similar to Buddhist mandalas, which are temporary masterpieces that are destroyed to take other forms.  The tides take care of these masterpieces.  He walks using a stick with attached blade to create complex shapes and then volunteers rake the sand to create texture between the pathways.

Sand Labyrinths – Oregon Public Broadcasting



My favorite piece of college experience had nothing to do with academics.  It had to do with the outdoors.  I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike, kayak and camp along the Owyhee Reservoir and Leslie Gulch for 10 days.  And I have no photos to prove it thanks to a malfunctioning camera at the time.

When I stumbled on this video series from Oregon Field Guide, it brought me right back to following wild cattle trails, sleeping under stars to coyote conversations, brushing my teeth while shaking with frozen night temperatures, and the most incredible land I’ve ever seen.  Here’s hoping the way of the world doesn’t catch up to it as far as development and infrastructure, so the hardy souls that make down the dusty back country roads will continue to be rewarded.


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