Loving Life

Happy Valentines Day wherever you may be.  In solitude, in partnership, sad, joyful, active, resting.  Wherever you may be, know you are loved and capable of love in some way.

I’m not going to lie.  In addition to the beautiful symbol of love, Valentine’s Day carries difficult emotion around it for someone who’s spent the majority of her life single.

But I also know there are countless ways to love one’s life and the people and places in it.  This is why, in addition to hugging my daughter and expressing my love for her, I am taking myself for a hike on this gloomy, rainy day to enjoy my favorite way of connecting to life.  And I am holding in my heart space for all possibility and manner of love in others’ lives.

Since my job involves media, I have recently transcribed several amazingly beautiful love stories that keep the idea alive for me that what I only imagine IS possible and does happen as part of the human story.

Recently I helped celebrate my parents 50th anniversary, a beautiful occasion with lots of love in the room.  What a joy to look at a wonderful and rare example of respecting and loving the one you’re with over decades of life shifts.  One thing my mom said reached me profoundly.  (Paraphrasing):  “From day one, he treated me with no expectation that I be anything other than what I am.  And he still treats me that way.”

A few images of some items I made with love for the occasion.


Hummus/veggies in baguettes



Apple rose tartlets



Invitation graphic I made, not cookies or guest book

Side by side with great joy, these markers celebrating partnering bring up difficult feelings about how when I had such a great example of a stable foundation did my life path turn out so differently.  It is easy to give in to temptation for a pity party with a box of chocolates and a loaf of bread.

Instead, a hike in the rain gives me a chance to experience the gratitude, love and support of all that loves me into existence and all that I love about where I am in my life.  Here are a few images from a bench on the edge of the world. (Ebey State Park)


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