Women’s Day

Taking a day to celebrate women’s achievements and progress around the world ever since 1908 is wonderful.  But every day is women’s day when you’re a woman.

Women’s Day may have begun in the United States around the time of the suffragette movement, but in some places women got the right to vote last year (Saudi Arabia).

I enjoyed the Google Doodle and even more appreciate the longer clips with 337 women around the world here.

It occurs to me how often I hear in my own mind and from other women that we are not doing enough.  And yet, every woman I know is doing more than I can list on a page during a day inside and outside the home.

Here are a few images of my way of celebrating Women’s Day by reconnecting to my favorite source of power and knowing I am enough.  In the fallen tree, I see a butterfly taking off above a heart, with light appearing to emerge from the center even on a cloud-covered day.





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