The unstoppable spirit of renewal is in you. Trust it.  Learn that it flows through you and all of life.

~ Jack Kornfield

Spring has sprung bringing blustery days, aka massive windstorms, and wonderful new neighbors to my hood.  (See below).  Each day I look at them, I get to celebrate new life.  Renewal.


I’ve been struggling a bit with the thoughts between my ears.  Confused, a bit disoriented.  Like many folks, I never in a million years imagined I’d be where I am in life.  I mean, if you ask your 12-year-old self, “Self, what do you think your life will look like when you’ve spent half a century on Earth?”  I bet 100% of our 12-year-olds couldn’t imagine it with any accuracy.  Single parenting as long as I have.  For that matter, parenting period (never envisioned myself a parent as a young person).  Forcing myself to do things out of my comfort zone because it’s supposed to be good for me (how else do we grow?), yet not really experiencing it as feeling good for me.  Wondering if I even want a partnership/relationship or if it’s even possible for me.  Questioning living in the location I do, the demographics.  Feeling like I’m not contributing enough of myself to the world.

That’s why I was thrilled to receive this generous gift from a beloved teacher and admirable person I’ve learned from over a decade (SARK).

It’s a guidebook about loving relationships/partnerships/self-love co-written with the love of her life who recently passed from this realm.  Whether partnered or not, this book gifts us much wisdom, as I am only beginning to read.  So I am passing the beautiful mentoring along to the few readers of this blog, should you be interested to check it out for yourself:

Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits For Feeling More Love More Often


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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