Silent Happiness Lobby

What to do when more fear, more vulnerability (thin-skin reactions to every little thing), low confidence and hopelessness about the future creep in?

Hire the Silent Happiness Lobby.

I figure the Second Amendment to the US Constitution has one of the biggest lobbies in politics.  Why shouldn’t the “pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence have a lobby as well?

When you’ve been at this tragicomic rodeo long enough to understand your own responsibility for happiness, it becomes clear pursuing it is easier than maintaining it.  Determined to keep depression at bay without pharmaceuticals, my Silent Happiness Lobby is working full-time doing the following.

Knitting colorful hats

(By the way, these freshly hatched ones can be yours while you support high school music education: Jazz Hats)




Communing with local non-humans



Listening to any and all of the lectures below exploring the genius of nature.  The ideas and questions represented in this bioethics conference make me feel less alone.  Even though the only plant allies I have ingested for insights into nature of the universe are coffee and tea, I have long been sensitive to the “personhood” of plants (in a non-Homo sapiens sort of way – we need new language).  And I would gladly spend my days among tree beings.






About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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