My Impossible Dream

Ever since I first briefly visited the North Oregon Coast on a family road trip at age 11, I fell in love.  Living in Oregon during and after college gave me opportunities to explore more.  Tillamook Trail that transects part of the Lewis & Clark Expedition’s journey I have since traversed several times, and the past five years I’ve managed 2-day hiking vacations for myself in the North Oregon Coast.  Each time I return, it’s “home.”

So when I happened upon this treehouse build for a retiring single woman, I thought – WOW.  I feel so happy to see someone else living my dream (minus cats or furry critters thanks to my immune system).

Dream Treehouse

I have long had the vision of building a single-bedroom or even single-room small house on some spot of land that includes mighty trees in this region.  But I had never considered dreaming of an actual house IN a tree.  For now, I call the entire vision my impossible dream for a few reasons:

  • The word “retirement” does not exist in my universe, and I will need to work as long as I am physically able.
  • I don’t currently (or in foreseeable future) have a way to earn enough to purchase/build a home or purchase a spot of land.

When we have an impossible dream, we can enjoy scaled down versions of the dream and appreciate the fragments in the here and now.  Hence, I smile with awe at trees along a trail within miles of me.




About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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