Short of being in a life-threatening situation beyond your control, fear is mostly self-created.  After healing from PTSS (posttraumatic stress symptoms) over time, I recently faced a fear I had.  It occurs to me there is always that fragment of time where you are pulled in half.  Half of you wants to hold steady, stay where you are and say “No thanks.”  The other half wants to move forward just to see what might happen.

And 100% of the time, once you have listened to the half that wants to move forward, you are okay.  You don’t have to do that again.  Your action has been made.

This man’s videos crossed my path, and they made me think about fear.  In my opinion, these “stunt” videos stand out among all I’ve seen on the internet because they are actually pieces of art in unusually stunning locations and tell a story.  They also reveal extreme athletic ability but are not about competition with anyone but self.  While I would never in a million years be capable of doing something such as this, if I was a person who felt more comfortable on a bike than standing on my own two feet, then I could imagine wanting to challenge myself in this way.

Are all humans capable of facing fear?  Are all humans capable of doing much more than we think?  Do people who attempt things like these stunts have a drive to prove the answers to themselves?

A disclaimer should probably be made not to try this at home.  But the 5 people in the entire world capable of trying it and succeeding would not be at home anyway.



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