Nothing Is Wrong

I have gained much stability of mind from moments of meditation and mindfulness and connecting with the natural world.  But I am aware of a voice inside my head that whispers in the background pretty incessantly, “Something is wrong.”

Wrong with the way I earn a living,

Wrong with my family situation,

Wrong with my body,

Wrong with where I live,

Wrong with how I am in the world,

Wrong with not accessing the magic formula that makes everything right, even though a thousand people have told me they have the key.

Lately, I’ve started asking, “What if everything IS right?”  What if I don’t need to figure it all out and be some bigger, better version of myself to have everything be just right?   Maybe we can continually flow toward a better version of ourselves and be all right as we flow.  Change will happen in time, no time is wasted if we inhabit as many moments as possible, there can be connections we may never understand.

For today’s snippet of inspiration, this poet’s powerfully transformed life and work crossed my path.  Inspires me want to reach back to poetry again soon.  Check out the writing retreat and healing organic farm project he is creating.

Jimmy Santiago Baca


In my lifelong celebration of the small, and as antidote to my serious pet dander allergies causing me to avoid most fur-bearing animals, here is a new companion under my care, the smallest hamster in the world.  Meet Bernoulli.


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A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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