Reflections on Real

Reality is a squirrely thing.  Just like the spelling of squirrelly, which can have one or two Ls.

What is real is whatever story we tell ourselves.  There’s the version of my narrative that is dark, lonely, sad, failure.  There’s the version of my narrative that is love, hope, generosity, accomplished.  The biggest task for my mind is to not get hooked into either story to the extent it controls my mood and emotions.

“Keeping it real” is a catch phrase among those in the limelight, but I wonder what is real to those who say it?

More and more I have a yearning to understand what is real and involve myself with that.  I sense “real” most when immersed in nature’s sounds, breezes, colors, but others may have a different “real.”  Socially, I sense what is real is disconnected from social media.

Neil Young is about to release a new album entitled Earth with Promise of The Real.  He himself is so passionate about the “real” way music should sound that he invented a piece of equipment called Pono to “remake” digital sound.  Neil is a musician from the era of the music of my childhood, analog recordings to be played on record turntables.  My daughter brought a turntable into the home recently.  As all she’s known her entire life is digital sound, it’s been eye opening (ear opening) to notice the depth of tone available on the old LPs that is completely missing from mp3’s and digital creation.

I have a hunch what is real is my love of Earth and wanting to live peacefully in it, rather than a corporate version of Earth.  But both coexist during this time we are living in.  Suffering always gives way to art in one form or another.  I can only hope enough of us re-engage our lost senses and find it’s not too late to remember what is real.

About Erin W

A sensitive plant, bamboo strong.
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