Faith in Humanity

Each of us humans has capacity for creating, innovating, empathy and compassionate action toward self and others.  Each of us has equal capacity for destruction, hatred, and evil action toward self and others.

Here are some snippets reaching me the past week that inspire my continued faith in humanity.

People saving and rehabilitating wild animals from the exotic pet trade in Guatemala.  The way we have distanced ourselves from nature in our current civilization possibly fuels the high commodity that beautiful animals have become.  Once we lived among them, we now destroy in order to buy them.  Watching these volunteers patience and compassion is heart-breakingly wonderful.

Jungle animal hospital, ARCAS

I live in a country where 1 in 31 people are under surveillance of the prison system and 1 in 99 are in prison.  This powerful program is one of several I have learned of recently that are bringing arts to prisons, having positive effect on recidivism rates.  I intend to watch the SBB documentary.


And last, the next time someone tells you it’s bad to behave as if the entire universe revolves around you, or fate alone determines our life path, or free will alone determines our life path, you just might want to refer them to:

Episode 3 of Stephen Hawking’s engaging show Genius




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